9 comments on “Oops I Did It Again – My Bad

  1. While using “official” airport-gathered statistics may be your methodology, it’s not very representative of what’s happening in the general DC area — i.e., getting slammed with +20″ more than National.

  2. Why not put Arlington, VA up on the list and use the IAD measurements. Arlington has a population of 200k+

  3. Correction…

    Actually, neither Dulles nor National are in Washington, DC proper. Both are in Northern Virginia. National is in Arlington County, VA (pop. 209,969) and Dulles in Fairfax County, VA (pop. 1,100,000). Fairfax County may not be a city, but has a larger population than most of the “cities” in your list. I think you should include Dulles in your list. My two cents…

  4. I say you list Washington Dulles too. As the poster at DCist said it is a good representative of the metropolitan area. And on another note I thought I got away from all this crap when I moved here from Syracuse!

  5. I’d say Dulles is just as much the airport for DC as National is. We’re a pretty huge metropolitan area.

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