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  1. Hi Patrick,
    I know this might sound CRAZY, but I for one am very happy that this year on Christmas Day Erie, PA. has NO SNOW on the ground at all! So, I wrote a little poem about that and posted it on my facebook page. Feel FREE to share it with your fans on my behalf!

    So, I wrote a little poem to commemorate it! It is to the tune of “TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!”

    Enjoy! Here goes…. LOL….

    ‘Twas 2014 on 12/24!
    Our snow shovels were ready. Right by the door.
    The rock salt was next to the shovels right there
    It surely would snow Christmas day. Only fair.

    In Erie, PA. we all went to our bed.
    Knowing that there would be snow we would dread.
    So we all went to bed for a long winter’s nap
    Because soon there’d be snow. We all hate that crap.

    The alarm clock went off and we emptied our bladder.
    But there was NO SNOW! Now we’re mad as a hatter.
    So away to our pantries we ran in a dash,
    And poured a strong drink that we’d bought with our cash.

    The foam on our beer had a sparkle-y glow
    And slowly our buzzes just started to grow.
    Then what to our bloodshot eyes did appear?
    ‘Twas the Budweiser coach, and Clydesdales with beer!

    We wished they would hurry, our tongues getting thick
    We need more beer here… so let’s make it quick!
    Faster than breathing the beers did go down
    All the beers had great names all over town.

    There was Bud Light and Yuengling
    And then Michelob.
    On to Cinnamon Schnapps
    And Sweet Wine! In a globe!

    So now wee can’t stend up, as you pribably kno,
    And we think we shood go pee cause we half to go.
    But we r purty hippy on this Christmas Dae…
    Cuz we’ve GOT NO SNOW in Erie, PA!

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