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  1. Not sure why you have stopped posting the totals….anyway, here’s the latest I have received:
    Erie’s snowfall totals continue to bury the competition for snowiest city in America.Through just more than three months of fall and winter, Erie has amassed 57.6 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service.
    The snowiest cities Syracuse, N.Y., with 41.2 inches of snowfall, is the city closest to dethroning Erie. The other eight cities in the running, according to a list compiled by GoldenSnowGlobe.com, are Buffalo (35.6 inches); Rochester, N.Y. (34.9 inches); Billings, Mont. (34.3 inches); Grand Rapids, Mich. (33.7 inches); Anchorage, Alaska (31.1 inches); Salt Lake City (21.9 inches); Akron, Ohio (21.7 inches); and Pittsburgh (21.7 inches). The outlook for Erie: Chances are good that Erie’s total will rise over the next week. A chance of snow is in the forecast for several days through Thursday.

    • Hey John, Thanks for taking the time to get some stats together. Had and still do have a lot going right now between regular work and family being in town including my Grandson :) Right after the New Year I should be able to start putting the time back into the website and the snow stats. I’m curious as to what date you are showing right now as the last update? It should be the 30th and if it’s not please let me know. I added a new plugin on the site to help things load faster and to use less resources with my hosting company. Just want to make sure it works OK.. If you don’t see the recent update you can hit the Control key and the F5 key at the same time which should give you a clean refresh of the site. That goes for anyone that doesn’t see a recent update. Thanks again John :)

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