6 comments on “Grand Rapids 6th Snowiest Season Ever

  1. Last poll result I saw on Monday 2/24 at 3:30PM

    Yes, bring on the snow 40%
    No, making the top 10 is enough 14%
    No, I’m tired of winter 46%
    # of votes cast: 1001

    • Gary, I have to say that I am surprised with the numbers. Mostly the 40 percent that says :Yes, bring on the snow”. I’m going to see if I can get out newspaper or their website to do the same poll and see how it will compare. Thanks for sharing…

      • I tried to find it too, after the question changed, but I guess that it’s only available while the poll is active – no archive that I could see on the website

      • Gary, thanks for looking. At least I have the stats you posted which I’m sure is a good idea of the poll with that many votes..

  2. Erie Times-News is running a poll on its website on Sunday 2/23 – these are results as of 12:30PM:

    Do you want Erie to top its all-time seasonal snowfall record of 149.1″ ?

    Yes, bring on the snow 43%
    No, making the top 10 is enough 15%
    No, I’m tired of winter 42%
    # of votes cast: 399

    Note: Erie at 115.1″ is only 3.6″ short of a tie for 10th place on the snowiest list, but 34.1″ away from a new record

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