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  1. Born and raised in “Dreary Erie, the Mistake on the Lake.” Didn’t know any better growing up there, but now living in Denver, I see no reason for anyone to live in that god-forsaken place.

  2. The true flaw in the charming story isn’t the inclusion of the mountains…it’s the fact that the first snow didn’t fall until December. Snow in Erie County starts in October. Growing up in Erie and Edinboro (which it’s worth noting, gets more snow than Erie thanks to the gradual rise to a ridge from the lake up through Summit Township, immediately behind which the snow falls like a brick after rising up over the ridge), my mother and I would always set a bet on whether we would have snow on the ground by my birthday at the end of October. I always picked snow…and I didn’t lose very often. :)

    • FigPox, When I found that story online it originally had New York in it :) I changed it to Erie when Erie was winning last season. Lot’s of people from here have told me about the mountains or lack of other than the Dump or something, lol. I’m sure it is a good choice on picking snow ;) Look out though because Worcester is making a lot of snowballs right now and challenging Erie to a snowball fight. Could be close come the end of this current snow storm….

  3. My fiancé and I are about to move to Erie from Philadelphia and people keep telling us how awful it will be. This made me laugh!! I foresee us starting a great future there, and I think it takes a special kind of person to appreciate Erie!

  4. I use to live in Summit Twp. Up to 200 inches was typical for us. People South of I-90 made it to work while people in Erie couldn’t. I couldn’t under stand that. Summit Twp. is in the snowbelt . I now live in the Hill Country in Texas. I watch the Weather Channel every morning and enjoy seeing the snow and mess, which I don’t miss.

    • Erie’s record snowfall total for a season occurred during the 2000-2001 season when 149 inches of snow fell. I have lived in Erie my entire life.

  5. We don’t let snow bother us in Erie- there are schools with no snow days so far this year. Shovel walks- no way- let it get packed down and walk on top. Don’t have to worry about the driveway being blocked if you live in Center City on a street that is not a main road- they don’t plow them that much. Oh- and our average commute is 10 minutes- there are trade offs.

  6. The only thing off about this story is – no mountains in Erie, just an escarpment fondly known as “the hill.” And because they moved to FL on May 10th they missed the Memorial Day frost we get every other year. My best friend in winter is my heavy duty 1971 Craftsman Snow Blower. Thing’s a beast! I think the amazing smell of grapes in September makes up for a least a little bit of the crummy weather we have, that and both days of sunshine and summer are really fantastic here.

  7. I live in Erie now, and I laughed out loud while reading this. It’s right on ! Thanks for a good way to start the snowy morning.

  8. Thanks Nikos :) Unfortunately we are missing it here in Syracuse this season also. Been a quiet season so far for us but things may change this week. Most likely Erie will get in on the snow too so right now Erie is still looking OK. They do have 2 cities chasing you now though ;)

  9. When you grow up in Erie, by January you are sick of it, yes. I am in college now in Cleveland and came to finally appreciate the awful weather I grew up with. The snow keeps things interesting I miss having snow measured in feet lol!

    Keep up the posts Pat, hopefully we can keep ahead of you for this one year ;)

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