4 comments on “Erie, Pa Snow Plows Past Syracuse

  1. Living NEAR Syracuse in a suburb that is a mere 14 minute drive from the city and airport where snow totals are kept is a bit frustrating. The “snow capitol” of Syracuse doesn’t get anywhere near the totals of the suburbs right on the NW edge of the city due to the numerous lake effect snow bands that relentlessly pound areas just NW of Syracuse. These lake effect bands drop down and stop dead just north of the NYS thruway and sit overnight dumping anywhere from 2-4″ an hour onto the area. Incredibly localized snowfalls. Just FYI for people not from the area. On a typical wintry day in January in and around Syracuse, the city will get 3-4″ and a 14 minute drive towards the NW will get 8-12″ in the same timespan. I frequently make it out of my area through blizzard-like conditions after shoveling nearly a foot of fresh snow from my walk only to get to work in the city 14 minutes later where there has been little to no accumulation and a few flurries in the air. This happens over and over from late Dec through late March, so the totals for Syracuse vs that short drive are tremendous by winter’s end.

    • Jess, very informative post and I agree. Lots of cities and towns like Baldwinsville, Cicero, Liverpool and the list goes on get more snow on average each season. This is for the snowiest cities with a population of 100,000 or more.

      I agree with you also about when they say North of the Thruway they mean it. When I use to do construction work I did a lot of houses just a mile north of the Thruway. I can’t say how many times I left the job at the end of the day in a snow storm (LES) only to cross over the thruway bridge and see nothing. One of the things cool about lake effect snow and bands IMO.

  2. Living in Erie,Pa..I can say that I don’t think having the most snow so far is a good thing.I hate snow and after 67 years of living here I’m tired of it. LOL.

    • Same here in Syracuse Richard but at least most of us got a break last season. Still a lot of time left in this season though.

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