20 comments on “Erie, Pa Remains King of The Mountain By Over 2 Feet of Snow

  1. Thanks for all of the comments everyone and all of the updates. I do read them as you post them.

    Sounds like we may be on the same pattern for now. It’s been freezing here in the Syracuse area with schools closed yesterday because of the temps and closed one day last week for the same reason. We have had a few days of bright sunny skies which is kind of nice but the below zero wind chills make it too cold to really do anything outside.

    I think I would rather have it around 25 and snowing than have it as cold as it’s been. Just north and I think northeast of Syracuse they have been getting pounded with Lake Effect snow. I’ve been hoping that it will drop down to us but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen so Erie’s lead should be safe for now ;)

  2. Temps in Erie holding at 7° today with no hopes of rising above 13° all week. It’s crunchy and beautiful! Not only will we be piling on more, but we will get to keep what we got so far! Makes for awesome sledding :)

  3. Well the snow has stopped (for now) it’s just really cold, Brrrr, a high of 10 today!

  4. This is our first winter in Erie (we moved her from California in August), and we are LOVING the winter here. So far, the day is gorgeous today. Lots of snow on the ground, a balmy 15, and not a cloud in the sky.

    Our house has a lake view, and it’s definitely starting to freeze over. I’ll send you a pic if I get a chance.

  5. I was born and raised in Erie and I now live near Syracuse. 10″ of snow last night and -10 degrees this morning. Go Erie!, I’m thinking about Florida!

  6. I live half way between Erie and Buffalo in Westfield, NY..The sun is trying to shine right now, but its a balmy 1 degree and all the schools are closed

  7. I still find it amazing the we in Erie are still in first place. We’ve been getting it bad since Christmas, but yet the week or so before that we had rain and 40-50 degree weather. I know, because that happened the day after I got 4 new snow tires. I need to lookup Edinboro and other areas just south of I-90, where they usually way more then we do.

    Maybe we’re used to it, I remember far worse winters, although we been lucky the past several years so far. Its only recently where its been extremely cold, and we’ve gotten light, dry, and powdery snow (the kind where you only have to brush, but not scrape, you’re car clean.

    Plus, the weather reports from Boston and other places seem so much worse– perhaps they’re so much colder and have gotten hit more consistently. We get hit, its gone for a few days, then it’s back.

  8. It’s 5:42 am and it’s snowing here in lovely North East, PA. we usually get a little more than Erie, and the township actually snowblows the sidewalks! Gotta love a mostly employed, tax-paying small town! My snowblower is currently out, (not working) and I got stuck trying to leave my driveway, after I shoveled it out 3 times earlier today, because a snowplow went through. no problem! my neighbor brought his snowblower on over, and the car was still stuck, so he got his wife to get their truck and pulled me out! That probably wouldn’t have happened in most places in Erie! I love Erie, but North East is so much better! oh yeah. Just looked outside. it’s still snowing. the forecast isnt calling for much more snow in the next 2 days….yet! in Erie, the saying goes “don’t like the weather? wait 5 minutes and it will change!” and it usually does!

  9. It is snowing pretty hard in Rochester NY actually. According to our local meteorologist a few hours ago we had reached 47″ for the season…in my suburb we had 20 inches of snow at 10pm and forcasting another 2 to 4 inches before morning. Trying to catch up to Erie!

  10. I’m here in Southeast Erie about 1.5 miles from center city and the same distance or less from the lake itself

    I have shoveled 3 times just since 8AM – the snow number was “MM” (missing) from the 5PM NOAA update tonight – my guess is at least 6″ have fallen but the wind makes it hard to tell for sure

    I hope we don’t challenge the 149.1″ from 2000-2001 – we were only 3.3″ short of that record in 2008-2009 – all that shoveling for nothing !!!!

    In 2013 we were just a third of an inch short of 5th place on the total precip list – only 2 months (June & December) made in top 10 wettest list but 3 months (May, July, October) just missed by .12″-..29″

    I had relatives who lived in Syracuse/Rome/Utica region for over 40 years

    But they came back here in retirement in the 70′s

  11. We live 12 blocks in from the Erie Bayfront downtown…and YES it’s still snowing. Our son who is in the Navy in San Diego is here visiting…need I say more…Will it ever stop? :)

  12. As a matter of fact, it IS still snowing in Erie. Hard. In fact, we’ve been at half or quarter mile visibility for most of the afternoon and now we’re transitioning into a lake effect situation. NWS CLE just upgraded Erie County, PA to a Winter Storm Warning for the overnight hours (was a Winter Weather Advisory). With the wind whipping in off the lake at 38mph, it is absolutely BRUTAL out there. By the way, as of 5pm, we are at 4.1″ for the day…which brings us close to 75″ for the season! WOW!

  13. Still snowing in Erie, and the lake hasnt even started to freeze yet around here, even the bay hasnt frozen fully yet! It would be nice to finish first for once, enough “almosts” each year :)

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