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  1. You should look into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Pretty sure Houghton County and Keweenaw County both had over 300 inches for the winter of 2013-2014

    • Hi Katie, the contest is just for cities with a population of 100,000. If you know of any cities that have enough snow to make it into the Top 25 with a pop of 100,000 I’ll be more than happy to check them out. Thanks for the info :)

  2. Today is march 31 and it is snowing like crazy in erie pa. Could probably add 3 to 6 inches to our total

    • 5.3 inches so far for today Ernest for Erie. I think that puts you back into the competition even if it is a long climb up to the top spot on the snow mountain ;)

    • Rick, they may have been but unfortunately at the beginning of the season the airport stopped keeping snow stats for South Bend. Had to pull them because there were no official snow stats from the National Weather Service :( I talked with the National Weather Service station that handles SB a couple of months ago and they said all is good now. I like having South Bend in the contest…

    • Hi Jake, Keep in mind that I am not trained in meteorology and I’m just as clueless as most people are when it comes to predicting and forecasting. Your best bet for that answer is to check with the pros at the National Weather Service :)

      That said I will give my opinion though, lol. The normal entire seasonal snowfall for Central Park is 25.8 and last season you/they had 57.4 inches of snow which is almost double the normal. At this time into the season last year NYC (Central Park) had 8.6 inches of snow. Last season was pretty cold for most of the Northeast and US with not too many warm spells like the one we have been having. Cold air has just moved in and it will be interesting to see if it sticks around or not. A few coastal storms have hit so far this season but the temps have been too warm toward the east coast and the precipitation was pretty much all rain. IMO I don’t think NY, NY will be able to hit the 57.4 inches this season but there is still at least 3 months left to catch up to last season. A few Nor’easters with the temps below freezing and it would sure get interesting. JMO ;)

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    • Hi Angie, No doubt you had a decent snow season last year. I think you almost doubled what your normal seasonal snowfall should be. Curious if you have any idea as to how last season ranked compared to all of your previous seasons. Top 10 or top 5? I think most of the cities are going to be over their seasonal averages again for the 2014-2015 snow season. I’ll take a wild guess at around 39 inches for Peoria this season. Maybe a little less. We’ll have to look back at this post at the end of the season to see how clueless I was ;) Trust me, I am no expert but get lucky and come close every now and then….

  4. Hello,

    What is the source of your data for the snowfall totals from 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014?

    Do you have a specific start date (month and day) for 2011 and end date for 2012?

    Also, to confirm, are the snowfall totals in inches?

    Thank you

    • Hi Justyna,

      I know I already answered this in an email to you but thought I would post it here to in case anyone else has the same question. All of the snow stats and data that I post come from the National Weather Service so that they are official snow totals.

      As for when the season starts believe it or not the National Weather Service starts posting snow stats for the new season on July 1st. Of course it isn’t too often that any snow will fall in the summer months but any snow that is reported from that date on gets added to the snow totals. I personally don’t start paying much attention to the snow stats until sometime in October although I was curious this season and did do an early update. I just wanted to see if after all of these season of keeping the stats if any of the cities had some early snow. Surprisingly a couple did have a trace of snow pretty early. All of the snow totals are measured in inches also. Hope this helps :)

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