3 Way Race to Top of Snow Mountain

I just did a full update and the Golden Snow Globe contest just keeps getting closer with each update. Syracuse, NY continues to hold on to a slim lead to stay on top of the snow mountain but… Erie, Pa has closed the lead and are now just 3.5 inches away from them. Worcester, Mass is still hanging with the big boys and a few flakes here and there and they could easily move into first place.

Most of the other snowy cities in the US have some catching up to do but all it takes is a storm or two to change things around. I’ve been keeping an eye on the latest storm coming in from the west of the top 3 cities and being from Syracuse I don’t think I like it too much. Last I looked it is suppose to hang to the south of Syracuse. It will be interesting to see if Erie can tap into this storm at all or if it will stay south of them also. I have a feeling Erie may grab just enough snow flakes to slip past Syracuse. I’m haven’t seen yet if it is suppose to move toward Massachusetts yet??? If so Syracuse could be dropping all the way down to 3rd place on the mountain.

I left places like Baltimore, Maryland, Philly, Washington in the contest all season thinking they would do a repeat of a few years ago when they were getting in on the coastal storms but so far nothing :( That should change with this storm if it stays on the path they are predicting. Their snow stats have been pretty pathetic and this could be a chance for them to maybe at least break intot the top 50.

On another note I have been noticing a lot of visitors from Erie, Pa coming to the site from facebook. It took me awhile to figure out where they were coming from on facebook but I found out where and wanted to say thanks for mentioning the snow contest on your facebook page. If anyone is interested in Erie, Pa or from there and don’t know about their page it’s worth checking out and they have a ton of information about Erie along with a lot of great pictures and great people on there. It’s at https://www.facebook.com/#!/Erie.Pennsylvania

Have a GREAT Week Everyone ;)

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