1,037 comments on “Current Top 25 Snowiest US Cities

  1. We had about 9” overnight in Erie. Closing in on the record and it’s still early January. Bring it!! ❄️❄️❄️ Lol!

  2. As a lifelong resident of Erie, 67+ years, we are taking all of this snow in stride. Personally I am hoping for a record annual snow fall. I think we have less than 19 inches to go and it is snowing now. Got my three extra sump pumps ready for the thaw this week. Happy winter folks.

  3. As a life long Syracusan, I am happy to not be in the lead this year.

    That being said, I wouldn’t wish the amount of snow Erie has gotten this year on anyone. I know they can deal with it, just like we can. But its still a huge pain in the butt sometimes.

    Stay strong PA friends. ;)

    • We are making a comeback though Mike :) I agree with you about not wishing that much snow in that short of time on anyone ;)

      • I told folks not to count Syracuse out yet. Lake Ontario is only 13% ice covered. Lake Erie should open up a bit this week with the expected warm up, rain, and winds…..Here in Erie we’ere shooting for the all time record now…..

    • Thank you Mike,

      I use to like the friendly competition between Erie and Syracuse, but as you know when there is a large snowfall the next thing we have to deal with is flooding. We have a rapid warm-up coming week there will be a day or two near 50 and of course rain. Yikes! Best wishes to all.

      • Same here this warm up later this week may create a mess in Syracuse as well. Overall as long as people are safe I’m ready for the warm up.

        We’ve had burst pipes on my street etc, luckily all is good at my house, but some people had the water company with diggers in their front yards on Sunday…

        Got to love the North East… :)

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