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    • LOL. Oh yeah, plenty of places that receive more than us and probably even more than your area. I think they set the population limit to keep it from getting out of control (How do you handle counting everyone) and also for the increased misery index when the heavier snows hit larger communities. Rural folks / smaller communities tend to be more self sufficient and carry on :)

  1. I remember when we got 179 inches in Syracuse a few years ago. It was pretty crazy….but not that different from the usual. A few really rough weeks. Erie will be fine.

    • Oh yea. The 5+ feet as interesting, but the timing from a safety and cleanup perspective could not have been better. A holiday so the Interstates were empty of traffic, schools closed, and businesses already closed. Had it been a normal day things would have been MUCH different. Stranded school buses. Stranded motorists on the Interstates and probably a lot of accidents up there. The afternoon drive time a complete disaster with vehicles stuck and abandoned everywhere. We were really VERY lucky in regard to the timing. The only real issue we had was that we had to bring in military ambulances (HumVee variants) to provide the initial emergency medical responses for a few days because the conventional paramedic vehicles didn’t have a prayer of getting there. That and it took most businesses a day or two to get opened up. It took is two days to get the service department open using two front end loaders and tandem axle dump bodies. It took two weeks to get the entire Dealership open. Overall though….As long as we had the brief warm ups that we had to melt off some of the snow all was good. It it had stayed cold with no melting we would have been in deep trouble (pun definitely intended).

  2. It is official. As of this morning Erie PA is now in the bonus round as we have officially broken the seasonal snowfall record. 175 inches by the end of the season is very possible. 200 inches…We’d need a few more decent storms after this week’s expected foot to get there, but it is not outside of the realm of possibilities. A lot may depend upon how long a warm up that will start next week and really kick in a few days later actually lasts….

    • Us in Girard ” Erie county ” are excited to see what is to come… I can’t speak for everyone, hell I may be alone. But I’m from the south and I love every flake we get.

    • Alright, I was 3 days late with the snow, but like our pal Phil, I predicted the Eagles would win and we would hit our snowiest season ever mark. Anyway, I’m still thinking 200 inches will be the number we get to since we always get a decent St. Patrick’s Day storm. 175 inches seems too whimpy to me!! HA! HA! :-)

    • There was Snowdog and I’m pretty sure it will happen again. I will normally catch it on the next update though. Love the name BTW ;)

  3. I like these warm-ups we’re getting lately really helps melt away the snow problem and raise a flood problem. I have never seen snow like we had in Erie for a long time. Mounds of snow are still remaining after both warm-ups.

      • On Monday, Jan 29th, they are talking 6-8 inches of snow for us folks in Erie. When we hit 149.4 I believe, this will become our snowiest season on record. I think we’re going to hit the 200 mark. Syracuse, please just step aside and let us show you how it’s done!! HA! HA!

        • HA to Syracuse stepping aside. Never Kaleen :P Erie needs to hit 149.2 inches to break the record. I’m guessing that will be broken by the end of this week. 200 inches is a whole other story and if that happens I will be super impressed. Both Buffalo and Syracuse came close but it didn’t happen. Good Luck ;)

          • I don’t see it either Pat. At one time the Lake was 95% frozen over, down somewhere between 50 and 60 per cent now, but even with that much open water I don’t think there will be enough lake effect to get near the 200 inch mark. I’ll go out on a limb and say maybe between 165-175 inches total for the season.

          • I think you are going to be pretty close Paul. I’m thinking about 167.0 to pick an exact number but I like your numbers ;)

  4. Any of this being updated I see the left side above rankings is last update 9 days ago?

    Now 1/17 &
    Last Update 1/9

    Maybe someone taking a much needed snow-break, lol

    • Hi Robert, the first date is the most current date that the snow stats have been updated which is every day this season other than once or twice when I actually had some kind of life going, lol. The second date is kind of a comparison of where the cities were on that date and just to show whether the cities are moving up or down. I hope that makes sense.

  5. We had about 9” overnight in Erie. Closing in on the record and it’s still early January. Bring it!! ❄️❄️❄️ Lol!

  6. As a lifelong resident of Erie, 67+ years, we are taking all of this snow in stride. Personally I am hoping for a record annual snow fall. I think we have less than 19 inches to go and it is snowing now. Got my three extra sump pumps ready for the thaw this week. Happy winter folks.

    • Burned one out myself with our 1st thaw, went from 1/3hp to 3/4hp.
      Soaked the mailman when we had our last thaw, he walked right into it

  7. As a life long Syracusan, I am happy to not be in the lead this year.

    That being said, I wouldn’t wish the amount of snow Erie has gotten this year on anyone. I know they can deal with it, just like we can. But its still a huge pain in the butt sometimes.

    Stay strong PA friends. ;)

    • We are making a comeback though Mike :) I agree with you about not wishing that much snow in that short of time on anyone ;)

      • I told folks not to count Syracuse out yet. Lake Ontario is only 13% ice covered. Lake Erie should open up a bit this week with the expected warm up, rain, and winds…..Here in Erie we’ere shooting for the all time record now…..

    • Thank you Mike,

      I use to like the friendly competition between Erie and Syracuse, but as you know when there is a large snowfall the next thing we have to deal with is flooding. We have a rapid warm-up coming week there will be a day or two near 50 and of course rain. Yikes! Best wishes to all.

      • Same here this warm up later this week may create a mess in Syracuse as well. Overall as long as people are safe I’m ready for the warm up.

        We’ve had burst pipes on my street etc, luckily all is good at my house, but some people had the water company with diggers in their front yards on Sunday…

        Got to love the North East… :)

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