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  1. What are the chances of Erie PA getting enough snow to break there all time record, last time I checked I think they need 11 more inches.

      • No doubt Erie will hit the all-time seasonal snow record :) The 200-inch mark is a tough one to hit. Syracuse had 192.1 inches in the (1992 – 1993) snow season and Buffalo just missed it by 6 tenths of an inch with 199.4 inches in the (1976 – 1977) snow season. You would think that whoever measured the snow back then would have coughed or sneezed next to the snow just to add that extra 6 tenths, lol. OK, it’s Buffalo so I’m glad they didn’t beat Syracuse to it :) On another note. Syracuse has less snow as of today, 1/31 than they did the season that they hit their highest total. In other words, watch out Erie, we are coming for ya’s ;) Wishful thinking most likely ;)

  2. Lowell,Massachusetts has gotten 31 inches of snowfall this season, so far. ( According to Accuweather November 2017-Current Date)
    Population: 110,558 (2016)
    Population 2010 : 106,519

    • The National Weather Service hasn’t been doing regular updates for Lowell, MA this season Nick. I keep meaning to call them to find out what’s going on. The NWS is the only official snow stats, which is what I go by.

  3. Today, January 6, 2018, I do not see any listing for Albany NY. Haven’t they received any snow this season?

    • Hi Brenda, Albany, NY is in the NY Golden Snowball contest and are currently in 4th place. This is the National Snow Contest which is just for bigger cities with a population of 100,000+ as of the 2010 census. Here is where the NY snow contest is http://goldensnowball.com/

    • Thanks, Patrick, for the info.

      Prior to 2018, I looked only at the NY State statistics.

      Now, I plan to only look at the “Some Snowiest Big Cities in the United States” as well. I see now why Binghamton and Albany “may” not be on the list.

      Syracuse NY was my home for 76 years, before moving to Summerville SC (a suburb of Charleston) in 2016.

      We just had an 8-inch snowfall (last was a few inches eight years ago).


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